Psychedelic Discovery

We’ve been mixing up Psychedelic Water for over 2 years. Kava, our key ingredient has been gaining popularity as a natural mood booster and alternative to alcohol. However, it’s still early days, and we believe Psychedelic Water’s kava blend can disrupt the entire alcohol industry.

It’s time to unveil Psychedelic Water 2.0. the result of 1000s of customer comments and reviews, as well as our expert flavorists.

We discovered a NEW way to mask the earthy bitterness of kava. This revolutionary tweak to the formula unlocks a world of potential flavor. Our kava blend is no longer a compromise on taste.

Not only is the flavor of Psychedelic Water improved, we’ll also be launching version 2.0 with brand new packaging. We can’t wait for you all to see it.

We’re planning a launch deal price SO LOW that we cannot afford to spend a penny on advertising it. To get the launch deal you NEED to be following us on social, or be subscribed to our email list. Subscribe, follow, add us to you contacts, move our emails to your inbox. you won’t want to miss this.

Stay tuned to find out more.

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Looks awesome. I picked up some of the mix-ins already and the design looks fantastic. Only thing I’ll say is please start carrying enough inventory to meet demand. I ran out months ago and your Webstore and Amazon have either been sold out or if they were restocked they sold out so fast I’ve not seen any in stock. Also the only store near me that sold them closed so I can only order online.


Please don’t lessen the effects of the current drink and make it more watered down. And depending on the flavor I think it tastes great.


Can’t wait so ready to load up on this 2.0


I have only tried 2 of the existing flavors, but I never thought they tasted earthy at all. Typically when people try to improve taste, it compromises the health and integrity of the product. And unless the kava blend strength is increased a little, I don’t see this disrupting the alcohol industry at all. I will admit, my anxiety is slightly lessened, by drinking one Psychedelic Water, but the description of the product is over-amplified in my opinion.




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