What Psychedelic Water feels like

First, a quick recap:

We’ve discovered a way to make the bitter flavor of kava, our primary active ingredient, nearly imperceivable. We’re launching an updated version of Psychedelic Water with this change. It tastes better than ever and you’re gonna want to drink it all day long.

For those who have never tried kava, it has a mood-elevating and relaxing effect that eases stress and gets you feeling social. Sort of like alcohol if alcohol didn’t mentally inebriate you, make you dizzy, or leave you with a hangover. That’s right, Psychedelic Water is a hangover-free experience. To draw another comparison to alcohol, a can of Psychedelic Water is designed to be sessionable, like a light beer. The effect from a single can will be pretty mild. If you want feel kava’s effects more strongly, you can always crack open another can!   

The same way you grab a Gatorade when playing sports, or a Red Bull when you need energy, you can reach for Psychedelic Water when you’re feeling stressed.

We’ve only done a small production run of our updated Blackberry + Yuzu and Hibiscus + Lime flavors, just to make sure we got everything right and we’re not just being influenced by drinking our own supply. We want to get honest feedback about all the changes.

We need your feedback as quickly as possible before we start producing more cans, and begin working on our next two flavors.

Due to the small production run, we’ll only be releasing Psychedelic Water 2.0 in 12 packs for the time being.

For this test launch, we’re doing a two-day special discount.

This discount will be BETTER than our Black Friday deal. Don’t hold out to stock up later.

You’ll be able to get a 12 pack for $41.99. An UNBELIEVABLE price. Save $16 off our regular 12 pack price.

Inventory is limited, tell your friends, stock up, grab some for gifting and holiday parties. Think about how many cases you’ll want to last until the end of the year, and be ready for when we open up to take orders tomorrow.

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What time tomorrow is it going online?
I’m going to check the site at midnight, be first to try!


I’m going to be buying some for the holidays! Great for having something a little different to offer friends and family that visit.


you’re always sold out which is a disservice to OG customers like me


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