Does Star Trek Synthehol Exist and is it in Psychedelic Water?

Star Trek was developed by Gene Roddenbery on the foundational belief that the future will be good. It is anti-dystopian. Humans boldly go to explore strange new worlds and in the process learn more about themselves. Sure, the negatives still exist - the Borg, or war with the Romulans - but for the most part the future looks very bright with replicators that can make anything you want, medicine that has an instant cure for anything disease and instant travel with the teleporters.

In this utopian vision of the future many references are made to “Synthehol”, an alcohol substitute that the Star Trek officers consume regularly in Ten Forward or at Quarks. Future technology and knowledge has allowed us to engineer a drink with all the benefits of alcohol without any of the negative side effects. A perfect libation. No hangovers, loss of motor control or decrease in reaction time. No spins or vomiting from over drinking.

What if I told you that something like this exists, and we’ve known about it for hundreds of years.

When we first started to formulate what would become Psychedelic Water we consulted with food scientists and drink formulation labs across the nation to find some interesting ingredients to create a noticeable effect on the mind. What was developed we have called the Psychedelic Complex. It’s a concoction that might be the closest thing to synthehol that actually exists today.

This is profound.

Alcohol is a terrible drug for many reasons. It is habit forming and addictive, the negative health effects are well known and significant. To a fetus, alcohol is disastrous. It contributes to domestic disturbances, car crashes, heart disease, obesity, and destroys our sleep. These are some of the reasons why the USA tried prohibition in the 1920s.

Prohibition failed, but the motive is still valid - How can we reduce the negative costs that alcohol has on society or the country? The costs that alcohol puts on society in the form of lost productivity due to poor health, hangovers and premature death are real costs that we all pay for.

Banning alcohol has proven to be not the right approach. Having a competitive and better product is.

In Star Trek, Synthehol is the solution to the problem of alcohol. In the here and now, we have Psychedelic Water - A more enjoyable social drink.
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