Dry in the Desert - Phoenix, AZ | Independent Retailer Spotlight

Dry in the Desert is a NA bottle shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We connected with Ellie St. Aubin, the founder of the shop, to learn more about how they got started!

The idea behind Dry In The Desert started with a simple conversation between sober friends. I realized I was having all the same laughter and fun as I used to while drinking. Everything I thought I might be missing when I decided to ditch booze.

I had the thought; us sober folks shouldn’t have to feel like we can’t participate in social outings anymore or that we're the only ones in the room NOT drinking. That’s when hosting booze-free events occurred to me. I didn't want to base things around just “being booze-free” though. I instead decided to really focus on  celebrating and normalizing this type of lifestyle, FOMO-free. By taking alcohol completely off the table, everyone gets to socialize in the same headspace and doesn’t have to play the mind game of “should I order a drink or not.” 

I moved from just doing events to starting a bottle shop because that’s been another dream from the beginningbeing able to curate my own shop, in my hometown, built on high-vibrating, desert vibes. To have delicious non-alcoholic beverages (like the unique Psychedelic Water) for every craving and every occasion, with every bit of detail, flavor, and sophistication as any boozy bev.

We don’t have to miss out on one. single. thing. by going booze-free.

Well, except a hangover.

 Check out Dry in the Desert here and follow them on Instagram!

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