Part 2: 31 things to do this Dry January instead of drinking

We're a full week into Dry January! How have things been going for you? We're back with another list of evening and weekend activities to try this week that aren't drinking. These are things you can do at home, with friends, or when you're out by yourself. Regardless of your situation, use these tips to give yourself something to look forward to this week that isn't alcohol.

8. Dance it out

Physically moving can be an incredibly mood-boosting experience. Throw on some music you live and just move. No matter your taste in music, whether you’re vibing to techno or throwing down to punk rock.

9. Hit up the speciality drinks section

Alcohol isn’t the only place where you can experience unique and flavourful beverages. Most larger grocery stores now carry a variety of interesting and tasty drinks, from kombucha to unique soda flavors, and speciality grocery stores like Erewhon, Foxtrot, and Bristol Farms are known for carrying an array of trendy and delicious products. You can find Psychedelic Water at all three of these chains!

10. Build a playlist

Cosplay as a DJ and craft that perfect playlist. Sure, Spotify’s playlists are alright, but if you’re trying to capture a particular feeling or moment in time, nothing beats creating the mix yourself.

11. Lose yourself in your favourite media

Dive into a new book, movie, TV show, or video game. Or, return to an old favorite.

12. Try out aromatherapy

Lighting a candle or some incense is great alternative for a sense-stimulating experience. Pair aromatherapy with a long bath for an all-in relaxation experience

13. Treat yourself!

Go to a fancy restaurant - think of it this way, since you’re not buying drinks, the meal price will be the same as if you’d gone to your usual spot and had a couple cocktails!

14. Meditate

We ended off week one with a suggestion to “spend some time reflecting.” Let’s hone that this week into a proper meditation session. There are tons of great apps out there with guided meditations. Pick one, and take some time to do a session. Spend some time thinking about the experience.

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