Part 3: 31 things to do this Dry January instead of drinking

We're over halfway through the month! Let's keep the momentum going! Here's another list of things to do this week that are enriching, stimulating, exciting, and most importantly—are not drinking. Let's get into it!15. Get experimental in the kitchen

Get outside your comfort zone and cook something you usually wouldn’t. Cooking itself can be a super rewarding experience, and even if it’s not your favourite thing in the world, the end results make it worth it.

16. Take a class

Sign up for an online course that you can take at your own pace. Teach yourself a new skill you’ve been wanting to learn! Services like Skillshare have tons of interesting courses on all kinds of different topics. Dive in and get learning!

17. Call up a friend

Who have you not spoken to in a minute? Who might love to hear from you? Set up a call with a friend and just shoot the breeze for a bit. In a world where text-based communication is easy and accessible, picking up the phone has a novel quality to it that encourages longer and deeper conversations.

18. Improve your space

We’re not telling you to jump into a full kitchen remodel, but is there a project around your home that you’ve been putting off? Would you like to redecorate a room, refinish a surface, or touch up some paint? Find a small, approachable project and get it done! Knocking stuff like this out can be super rewarding.

19. Listen to an album in its entirety

In the era of streaming, the album as an art piece has become less relevant, but there’s still artists making awesome records with themes and story arcs that can only truly be enjoyed when you listen front-to-back. Pop onto Rate Your Music to get some recommendations, or return to a classic album of your choice.

20. Do a (non-alcoholic) tasting

Put together an array of cheeses, odd fruits, or even chocolate and do a little tasting, sampling each item and considering its unique flavor.

21. Try Journaling

In week one we suggested ending the week off with a moment of reflection, in week two we asked you to try out a guided meditation. Now, for week three, lets end the week off with a journal session. You can do this at the beginning or the end of the day. Grab a notebook, sit down, and write about the previous day or your goals for the day of head. This can spark moments of realization about the day behind you, and give you extra focus and determination to tackle the day ahead.

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