Part 4: 31 things to do this Dry January instead of drinking

Last full week of Dry January! Let's end things strong! Here are 10 more suggestions to have you breezing through the rest of the month—and maybe continuing the streak into February?

22. Run a (movie) marathon

Pick a film series, three movie from the same director, or three films in the same genre, and watch them all back-to-back.

Pro tip: don’t start too late in the day, or you’ll end being someone who’s seen The Fellowship of the Ring twice as many times as any other Lord of the Rings movie.

23. Make a cozy drink

There's nothing like a hot apple cider (the non-alcoholic kind), a good cup of herbal tea, or a hot chocolate. These drinks will warm your soul on these cold winter days, and they pair especially well with a good book and one of those 10 Hour Crackling Fireplace videos on YouTube.

24. Head to the spa

A spa visit offers is the pinnacle of relaxation, and there are a range of options for different preferences and budgets. If you have the chance, check out a nordic-style spa for a self-guided relaxation experience. You can also do a DIY spa day at home. Go all out, get the incense going, the New Age music playing, chop up some cucumbers in advance and stock up on bath products from your favourite store.

25. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteering within your community is always rewarding. Add in some unspeakably adorable cats and dogs and this is an experience that’s sure to get your serotonin flowing.

photo: Roots Long Island

26. Visit a kava bar

Like booze-free bars, kava bars are a great way to get out to a social spot while foregoing alcohol. Kava bars are becoming increasingly popular across the US. Check out our list of some of our favorite spots across the country here. You can even find Psychedelic Water at some of these bars, like Roots in Port Jefferson, NY for example!

photo: Nichole Scaraglino

27. Make some art

Creative expression can be intimidating, and in a world that constantly demands we monetize our hobbies and talents, it’s super easy to give up on art when you can’t see how you could viably turn it into an Etsy shop or a successful Instagram page.

Put those thoughts aside. Do this for you.

Grab a pen, a paintbrush, some drumsticks, or a DAW and just start making. Don’t think about the results, just enjoy the process. Don’t worry about sharing what you create (unless you want to). Just. Make.

28. Take a power nap

Sleep is a resource that we continually and regularly undervalue. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us will probably admit that we’re not getting as much sleep as we should. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but for a lot of us societal pressure and FOMO are the driving force behind our lack of rest. Reality is, you’re never gonna scroll to the end of the TikTok feed. You’re never gonna be able to watch every show on TV. Make peace with that and allow yourself to pass out for 20 minutes. The refresh & recharge will be worth it.

29. Get the blender going

If you’re feeling something a bit more decadent, shakes and smoothies can be a lot of fun. You can either follow a recipe, or just pull together an array of ingredients from your kitchen and experiment with flavor combos.

30. Catch some live music... sober

For a lot of us going to see a band or a DJ is associated with alcohol use. Remember the kids who post stuff like “I don’t need drugs, I have music” on Tumblr back in the day? Sure, that was cheesy, but to be fair they kinda had a point. Live music can be an incredibly powerful experience, and there’s something to be said for enjoying that experience without the dilution of alcohol.

31. Put it all together

We’ve been ending each week with a suggestion related to mindfulness. This week, let’s put everything all together. Reflection, meditation, and journaling. See if you can do all three of these things one day this week. See how it makes you feel, and think about whether or not you might want to make this a recurring habit.

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