Relax this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. We deal with colder and shorter days, there are parties to plan or attend. It’s a season of gift swaps, baking cookies, and family dinners. It gets hectic and stressful. There can be so much to do that we feel rushed and on edge throughout December, never able to really appreciate the time we have.

December could have some peaceful moments like a cozy evening by a crackling fireplace under a warm blanket. Those moments rejuvenate our spirit and give the time to breathe.

In the spirit of the holiday season here are the Psychedelic Water Meditation Guide tips for finding a moment of peace in your hectic life.

  1. GET GROUNDED - Choose how long you would like to meditate for and set a timer for that time. If this is your first time meditating, try five minutes. Find a chair where you can sit comfortably. Keep your back straight, and your feed flat on the ground. Take note of how the chair and the ground feel beneath you.
  2. BREATHE - breathe deep. In through your nose, out through your mouth. When you're ready. Close your eyes.
  3. CHECK IN - Starting at the top of your head and slowly scanning down from there, check in with each part of your body. How are you feeling? Are you carrying any tension or specific aches and pains anywhere?
  4. COUNT - Bring your attention back to your breath. Breathe deeply, counting on each inhale. If you become distracted and lose count, that’s ok. Simply bring your attention back to the breath and pick up where you left off. Try and count up to ten.
  5. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS - Remain focused on your breathing. Thoughts will come. That’s natural. Rather than trying to fight the thoughts, treat them as if they were passing traffic. Watch them go by, and let them go. If you find yourself chasing after a thought, that’s ok. When you notice, let it go and return your focus to your breathing.

To help you we’ve made this guide into a downloadable and printable poster.  Grab a copy and put it up somewhere you will see it. Let it serve as a reminder to take some time every day for a short meditation.


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