Top 5 Psychedelic Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to consume high quality information and learn a lot about things you’re interested in. It can be a great companion while doing housework, exercising or while on the go. We’ve been digging these podcasts that delve into the bleeding edge of psychedelics and psychoactives.

Business Trip

The business case for psychedelics is growing and the Business Trip podcast is along for the ride. It features interviews with founders and business leaders who are actively growing the business case for psychedelics. Over the last decade we’ve seen the business hype around cannabis go full circle. Psychedelics are the “next big thing”.  It’s a great podcast that’ll introduce you to new products and services. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Cover Story

This isn’t a rosy story about how psychedelics are a wonderful panacea for curing all our mental issues. If you’re more of a true crime fan, this is the podcast for you. A long format engaging story told over many episodes that exposes some shocking abuses and cover ups. Psychedelics are powerful compounds that can be used for good or evil. This is a cautionary tale that anyone interested in psychedelics should listen to.

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey has a large back-catalog of podcast episodes dealing with everything biohacking. While psychedelics are not the primary focus of all the podcasts the content of all these episodes resonates well. It covers everything from Yoga to MRI tests, Sleep optimization and probiotics. If you’re interested in the potential of psychedelics to improve your mental state this podcast will introduce you to many more ideas. 

The Tim Ferriss Podcast

Tim Ferriss has one of the most popular podcasts. Over the last couple of years Tim’s personal interest in psychedelics has been coming out in more episodes. Because of the reach Tim has his podcasts are particularly valuable to listen to for getting the pulse of how the ideas of psychedelics are going mainstream.

Psychedelics Today

If you want to keep up with everything that’s happening with psychedelics Psychedelics Today is the premier podcast that covers it all. Get up-to-the-minute developments and deep dives into educational content.

This is just a short list of some great podcasts. There’s lots more that didn’t make the cut. Have you got a favorite that we didn’t mention? Let us know about it on social - Instagram, Twitter.

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