What AI has to say about Psychedelics

It's what everyone on the internet is talking about this week. ChatGPT is making a splash with some compelling AI generated conversations.  We decided to see what it has to say about Psychedelics:

Us: Tell me a story in the style of robin hood about king Arthur and the knights of the round table eating magic mushrooms


Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were known for their bravery and chivalry. But one day, they stumbled upon a patch of magic mushrooms while out on a hunt.
Unable to resist the temptation, the knights and their king sampled the mysterious mushrooms and were immediately transported to a fantastical world of vibrant colors and surreal landscapes. As they wandered through this magical realm, they encountered all manner of wondrous creatures, from talking animals to enchanted beings.
The knights were entranced by the beauty and strangeness of this place, and they forgot all about their duties back in Camelot. They spent days exploring and reveling in the delights of the mushroom world, losing all sense of time and responsibility.
But eventually, the effects of the mushrooms began to wear off, and the knights found themselves back in the real world, unsure of how much time had passed. They were filled with regret for neglecting their duties, and they vowed to never again indulge in such reckless behavior.
However, the experience had changed them in ways they could not have anticipated. They returned to Camelot with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and magic of the world around them, and they became even more determined to protect the kingdom and its people.
As for King Arthur, he was humbled by the experience and realized that even the mightiest of rulers are not immune to temptation. He vowed to use his power wisely and to always put the needs of his people before his own.
And so, the knights continued to uphold their vows and serve the kingdom of Camelot, forever changed by their encounter with the magic mushrooms.

Us: Write some limericks about drinking kava


There once was a man from Vanuatu
Who loved to drink kava, oh so true
He'd sit with his friends
And the night never ends
Till they're feeling all mellow and blue

They'd laugh and they'd joke and they'd share
Till the kava bowl's empty, they'd stare
But they'll fill it right up
And their worries will all be gone
As they sip on their kava with care.

So if you're feeling stressed or down
And you need to unwind and relax
Just grab a bowl of kava
And let the good times flow
Till you're feeling happy and back on track.

Us: Write an assessment of the novel Moby Dick that explains the story as the result of a psychedelic trip.


Moby Dick is a novel by Herman Melville that tells the story of a sailor named Ishmael who becomes obsessed with hunting down a great white whale named Moby Dick. The novel is often considered a classic of American literature, and it has been praised for its complex characters and rich symbolism.
One interesting interpretation of the novel is that it can be seen as a description of a psychedelic trip. In this view, Ishmael's obsession with Moby Dick can be seen as a metaphor for the pursuit of transcendent experiences, and the whale itself can be seen as a symbol of the ultimate goal of this pursuit - a state of enlightenment or oneness with the universe.
Throughout the novel, Ishmael and the other sailors encounter a number of strange and surreal experiences that can be interpreted as hallucinations or altered states of consciousness. For example, they encounter a ghost ship, a giant squid, and a hallucinatory white whale that seems to be both real and surreal at the same time.
These experiences can be seen as representing the various stages of a psychedelic trip, from the initial rush of excitement and anticipation, to the depths of despair and confusion, to the ultimate moment of transcendence and realization.
Ultimately, the novel can be seen as a commentary on the human quest for transcendence and enlightenment, and the dangers and challenges that come along with this pursuit. It is a powerful and thought-provoking story that continues to resonate with readers to this day.

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