Which Kind of Glass For Psychedelic Water?

Have you ever wondered what is the right kind of glass for consuming Psychedelic Water?  We have too! It’s a common debate among everyone here. Tall and neat? Highball or lowball? Mug or stemmed glass? There are so many options and we’re here today to tell you once and for all what kind of glass is best for enjoying the relaxing fizz of Psychedelic Water.

Why use different types of glassware?

Different styles of glassware have evolved to accentuate different kinds of drinks and bring out their best traits. Sometimes for pure visual pizazz and other times to enhance the taste or temperature of the drink.

Let's start with the wine glass.

A red wine glass has a large round bowl, which is perfect for swirling and aerating the wine, the stem allows you to keep your hand away from the drink and prevent it from getting too warm. Psychedelic Water is carbonated and swirling would just make it go flat quicker so it is perhaps not the right kind of glass to use.

On the otherhand, a flute glass like used typically with sparking wine has a narrow bowl that keeps the drink from going flat too quickly. This trait could make it a good contender for Psychedelic Water. The stem to help keep it from warming too quickly is ideal. However, ice cubes rarely fit in these, so we suggest you use a flute glass when you can grab a cold can from the refrigerator.

The martini cocktail glass is often used for aromatic drinks the large mouth of the glass encourages the drinker to get close and fully enjoy the scent and taste, however, these glasses are often too small for a full can of Psychedelic Water and are wide enough that it would go flat quickly.

The highball glass is used for tall cocktails and other mixed drinks that often use a lot of ice or other mixes. For a mixed drink, the glass can be used to muddle ingredients directly in it to add some really fresh flavors. With room for ice, a highball glass is a great option for those times when your Psychedelic Water isn’t pre-chilled.

A lowball glass is shorter and wider, they are often used for stiff drinks that can be sipped slowly. You definitely could use one for Psychedelic Water for that sophisticated style.

Those are the basic kinds of glassware, and there are some good options for Psychedelic Water. Let us know your favorite, we love seeing what all our fans enjoy drinking their Psychedelic Water in.  Tag us on social media!

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