Why Do People Drink Kava?

Kava’s popularity is growing like crazy right now. 

Not unlike most psychedelics. 

But with so many other psychedelics still yet to be decriminalized and legalized, kava is a safe, legal alternative that just happens to also have an incredibly subtle and comfortable micro-psychedelic effect. Which we love.

We’ve already explained a little bit about kava, but the fact is it’s still not mainstream. So we’re going to keep breaking it down for you.


How do you “take” kava?

There are a handful of different ways to ingest kava—from powders and pastes to capsules and tinctures. You can even grab the root and start chewing, but that’s not a good idea. Mostly because it tastes horrible.

The most common way to consume kava is by grinding the root of the kava plant into a fine powder, straining it, adding it to hot water, steeping it, and drinking it like tea. Common, yes. Tasty, no. 

Enter Psychedelic Water.

We’re making kava delicious and DIY-free, which is a good thing, because there are some very good reasons to make it easier than ever to add to your diet.

(Cue the reasons.)

The psychological benefits of drinking kava

They say kava makes you calm. That’s a psychological benefit.

They say it makes you unwind. That’s another psychological benefit.

They say that drinking kava makes you forget all about your worries and lets your stress melt away. In today’s fast-paced world, we’d say that’s definitely a psychological benefit too.

So, you know how kava is from the South Pacific islands, right? And you know they take things slow down there.

There’s a lot of evidence pointing to kava being responsible for that.

It just makes you chill.


The social benefits of kava

For a long, long time, people have been drinking kava in groups. Traditional kava ceremonies have never been lonely little parties of one; the drink has always been enjoyed with other people.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be done, even today, in a busy city thousands of miles from the beaches of Fiji.

Kava is a social drink, and you’re a social being. Sounds like a match.

Tapping into the social benefits of kava is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Drink some kava.

Step 2: Feel those happy vibes.

Step 3: Socialize with all the cool kava drinkers around you.



The health benefits of kava

Kava’s not popular just because it’s a fun drink that melts your stress and makes you want to mingle.

There’s more to it than that.

One major reason kava has been a staple in South Pacific cultures for so long—and why tuned-in Westerners have been drinking it for years—is that, for a lot of people, it has therapeutic qualities.

We touched on this in Everything You Need to Know About Kava, but it’s worth repeating.

Although clinical studies haven’t been all that kind to proving kava’s credentials, anecdotal claims of the plant’s effectiveness are everywhere.

The list of health issues it’s been known to help/ease/address/treat is long:

  • Pain 
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Muscle aches
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Inflammation

Keep in mind that kava’s not guaranteed to cure any of these ailments, just that it has been known to provide relief for some people.

You never know until you try.


People drink kava today because…

It’s not alcohol.

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are turning their backs on booze, partly because they're more concerned about their health than Boomers ever have been, and partly because they hate hangovers—everybody does, but the younger generations are actually doing something about it.

They’re looking for alternatives, like CBD and nootropics. And kava.

Americans are flocking to kava bars because kava leads to calmness, relaxation, and happiness. And it’s really great in groups.

Those are all wicked things. Now, add the fact that it helps some people cope with serious health conditions, and it’s kind of surprising that there are people out there who don’t drink kava and that it hasn’t been more widely accessible. 

Until now.

Bottom line: people drink kava because it makes you feel good.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it now.

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