Prepare for Monday

Prepare for Monday

In today's video, Nate is in Canada to introduce Psychedelic Good Mood Mix, and tell everyone about the deal that is dropping on Monday.

There's been some fantastic feedback from people in the comments over the last week as we've been shouting from the rooftops about this new product. The response has been so good, we may have underestimated the demand.  Make sure to grab yours on Monday early.  Order more than one bundle to have enough to last through the holidays, or to give as gifts.

Good Mood Mix gives everyone access to a great tasting, and affordable kava drink mix. The perfect alternative to alcohol.

Here's Nate to tell you about the Launch Day Deal

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Gift idea? I know a couple people that would enjoy this. It’s a bit early for holiday shopping but u guys haven’t been good at keeping things in stock.


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