We've been working on something NEW

We've been working on something NEW

Watch the video to find out what's coming. 

Psychedelic Good Mood Mix is launching next week! We're going to be announcing the ground breaking pricing and offer closer to launch day. New flavors, and an innovative new format that give you a real alternative to alcohol.

Have any questions about kava, or our other ingredients? Excited about the new flavors?  We'll be answering your questions in the next video.

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That’s exciting!! What flavors are they?


OMG this is going to be HUGE!!! My customers are going to lose their minds – especially the ones who practically live on the beach! The only complaint I ever received was about how “heavy” the cans are in a beach bag. Challenge… accepted! You guys rock! Thank you!!!

Amber - The Cosmic Hippie

Is it…. made with organic natural ingredients? Full of flavor? Sugar free? Alcohol free? Resonable price?


OMG! I can’t wait!


This is really exciting! I’ve been sad to leave my drinks behind when I go on vaca because I only take a carry on and liquids are frowned upon lol


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