Kava: Why isn't it more popular?

Kava is one of the worlds most interesting psychoactives.

Why isn't it more popular?

Psychedelic Water has been focused on solving the challenge of making kava drinks taste amazing. We're launching 2 more flavors on January 15th.

Prickly Pear is coming BACK!

Leave a comment.  How did you learn about kava or Psychedelic Water?

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My favorite flavor is Oolong Orange. I think it would be more popular if the price was lower. I buy it anyway. I love it so much. I’ve shown several friends and they love it too, they just won’t pay that much.


I love psychedelic water but it’s the $$ man. I can buy 1lb of Vanua kava lasts me months while it’s the same price for about 4 nights of psychedelic water. If the price was similar to, say, a beer, I would have it around always.

Brian Gabriel

I really like the updated hibiscus one. Prickly Pear was my favorite before I hope you didn’t change it too much


Hey! it’s me from the video. if you have ideas about why Kava isn’t more popular leave a comment


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