About Us

About Us

Psychedelic Water ® is the first legal psychedelic brand of its kind built on the ethos that psychedelics are more than something you consume; ‘psychedelic’ is a state of mind that fuels creators, mavericks, groundbreakers, risk-takers and free-thinkers.  We are spreading the gospel of psychedelics and developing mainstream products that leave you with a tongue-tingling feeling of happiness, mental clarity, and creative bliss. 

Our mild mood-boosting, non-alcoholic herbal supplement first splashed onto the scene in early 2021, selling out nationwide and offering millions the opportunity to loosen up and stimulate their senses. Created with a one-of-a-kind formulation made with kava root, velvet bean, and green tea leaf extract, Psychedelic Water® creates a sense of euphoria perfect for work, play, and adventures that await.

This is a hangover-free experience made to feel good without messing you up

As existing laws change and evolve, Psychedelic Water® may one day incorporate traditional psychedelic ingredients into new products. In the meantime, we will continue to shine a spotlight on the positive benefits psychedelics can have on people’s lives.

A can of Psychedelic Water in every corner store is part of our mission to insert psychedelics into everyday life and create a more PSYCHEDELIC world.