Prickly Pear and Orange + Vanilla Launch

This is a longer video. At the end it covers the promo we're running for the next 5 days of the launch.

We're just so pumped about these new flavors! They turned out better than we could have hoped for.

The new cans have finished production and are getting boxed and prepped for shipping this week. We expect them to ship out to customers on January 29. Reserve yours before the 20th for BIG SAVINGS.

Limited Time Bundle


It goes live on Monday, January 15th!

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I don’t know who’s more excited – me or my customers! I can NOT wait to try these new flavors. I know they are going to be the next fan favorites. Thanks for continuing to grow! Count The Cosmic Hippie in for everything you launch because my customers & I are fans for life!

Amber - The Cosmic Hippie

I want the orange! I was sad u guys didn’t have my one flavor! 2 year atleast customer right here !

Mg M

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