5 Reasons to add Kava to your Life

Perhaps you’ve never heard of this wonderful herb. It has a long history of traditional use throughout the south pacific islands. It remains popular in some of those places - outselling beer as the evening drink of choice.

Why might someone want to add Kava to their diet?  Let us explore some of the benefits.

Stressed? Kava can help

If there were a headline benefit it would be Kava’s ability to melt away stress. There is evidence that suggests Kava may work as well for anxiety as potentially addictive benzodiazepine drugs, but without being habit-forming.

Sleep Quality

Even small amounts of alcohol can decimate your sleep. People find that kava consumed before bed usually results in waking up feeling completely refreshed. Kava has had some anecdotal evidence of improving the vividness and duration of dreams - perhaps just a side effect of restful sleep.


Often reported by regular consumers of Kava is that they often have the most engaging conversations with friends and strangers when drinking. Kava has traditionally been a social drink - it is best enjoyed with friends.


The relaxed headspace that Kava helps you reach is great for internal reflection. Live in the moment, sip some kava and let the distractions melt away.

Functional alcohol alternative

Alcohol and Kava both operate on similar GABA receptors in the brain. Kava, however, has a more focused effect - the happiness, and relaxation benefits without the hangover and loss of memory, and incapacity to react.

To be honest, when we set out to make the most psychedelic thing you can drink we didn’t expect to make something that was actually better than beer. An accidental discovery, we’re sure you’ll enjoy sipping and relaxing with.

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