How Psychedelic Water 2.0 Improved

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The improved version of Psychedelic Water is coming soon. We’ve discovered a new way to mix kava that greatly improves the taste of our blend. We swapped out damiana for velvet bean, updated our sweetener stack, and added a hint of vanilla to our flavor formulas. All these things combine make for an even better Psychedelic Water experience. 

Kava, the main active ingredient in Psychedelic Water, is what enables it to be a functional replacement for alcohol. It provides a calming, mood-elevating effect that makes it perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative to booze. Over the last year we’ve highlighted the stories of several sober folks and mindful drinkers, all of whom love Psychedelic Water

However, the benefits stretch far beyond replacing alcohol.

Enjoy a Psychedelic Water at lunch, or while working, to help you deal with stress. Have one after work to wind down after a long day, or crack one open at a social event to ease your nerves and open up.

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