5 Amazing Psychedelic Artists

Ever see a piece of art that makes you say, “damn. That’s psychedelic.”? 

Me too. In fact, it’s a feeling that I regularly seek out. As the creative director here at Psychedelic Water, I’m always on the hunt for artists who combine the traditional themes and imagery associated with psychedelic art with new ideas. I find this stuff inspiring, and I love artists who are doing experimental fresh stuff that still feels very psychedelic at its core. I want to share some of those artists with you. If you’re looking for some inspiration yourself, check them out on Instagram:

@beamingdesign creates these awesome designs that combine ethereal organic gradients and intricate line work. She often includes text elements with affirmations or simple maxims. Her work feels both spiritual and scientific at the same time

@edreika is a master of color, his work is so vibrant and has this really awesome juxtaposition of dark and light. Most of his pieces feature intertwined human figures floating in colored space. To me, their work really represents the depth of human connection that can be found in psychedelic experiences.

@sun_keep’s work has a bunch of influences I can pick out. There are references to 60’s and 70’s concert posters, but also references to the art nouveau stuff that inspired those posters, and there’s some stuff that feels a bit more modern too, like something a 2000’s indie band would use as cover art. All of it is presented in a lovely neutral color palette which calls to mind peace and harmony with nature.

@bosssdog has this very grateful dead-esque illustration style. They do an awesome job of combining dark imagery with a really fun sense of humour. Their philosophy is very much, life is short, have fun with it!

@equivestudio’s work has a graininess, a rawness to it that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Often you can’t quite tell what’s going on the images, as if it’s something just beyond your reach. It elicits a sense of mystery, discovery, and self-discovery that I really like.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll probably be back to drop some more of my faves, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, go check out these artists, give ‘em a follow, and allow them to get your creativity flowing!

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