Exploring Alternative Ways to Relax and Unwind

Ditch the Buzz, Embrace the Calm: Exploring Alternative Ways to Relax and Unwind

Do you find that you don’t have enough time to relax during the day or simply have no idea what to do to calm your mind and properly unwind?

You’re not the only one!

So many of us struggle to find balance in our daily lives. In theory, we all know how important it is to work hard and take time for ourselves to relax, but in reality, it’s not that easy. And sometimes, the usual ways to relax are a bit boring.

That’s why we’ve created this list of alternatives that will help you chill out!

Unusual Ways to Relax and Unwind

Do Laughter Yoga

In the last few years, yoga has become an incredibly popular way to get fit and toned, and it’s also become a bit of a lifestyle. Because it’s got such a big following, a variety of specialized versions of yoga have started to develop, and one of these niches is laughter yoga.

Laughter yoga is a fun and light-hearted activity designed to help people reduce stress. It incorporates breathing techniques similar to more traditional stress reduction techniques, but it aims to produce and utilize happy endorphins to take things a step further.

You’ll also find goat yoga therapeutic and good for a giggle, and SUP yoga for those who really want to reintroduce the concept of balance into their lives!

Begin Biohacking

It’s no secret that enjoying calm and relaxation involves both mental and physical considerations. When it comes to the latter, biohacking is one of the best ways to give your body a boost. Biohacking is essentially a DIY biology social movement that involves a self-study focusing on how you can optimize your body to perform at its best.

One of the core tenets of biohacking is maximizing hydration. The good news is that Psychedelic Water is the easiest and tastiest way to refuel your body with all the important things it needs to regenerate, re-energize, and relax!

Indulge in Animal Therapy

It’s no secret that animals can have a calming effect on people. In fact, dogs have even been shown to help reduce feelings of depression, and cats can lower your blood pressure just by listening to them purr.

Spending time with therapy animals, volunteering at an animal shelter, or even just enjoying wildlife from a distance are all great ways to get some animal therapy.

Animals provide unconditional love and a nonjudgmental presence that can comfort and reduce stress. Stroke a cat, walk a dog, go horse riding, or play with a pig. It’ll help you forget about the world for a while.

Get Active

While relaxation may mean doing nothing for some people and undergoing interesting types of therapy for others, being physically active is also a great way to quieten your mind and enjoy some natural endorphins.

Best of all, you can benefit from just about any type of movement, from dancing around your living room to going for a walk. And when you’re done, you can replenish your expended energy by sipping on Psychedelic Water.

Color Your Way To Calm

Coloring books are a great way to switch off and focus on something creative. They also allow your right brain to take over from your more analytical left side for a bit!

Don’t be afraid of coloring if you feel you lack artistic talent. The idea isn't to create a masterpiece; it’s to have fun, get lost in the process, and embrace a side of yourself you don’t always unleash. You don’t have to stick your pictures on the fridge when you’re done.

Spend Time Socializing

Many people recharge their batteries and relax by socializing - it can help them gain mental clarity and unwind away from the day's stresses.

Of course, it’s not for everybody, but if you relax best when surrounded by people, why not consider sipping on Psychedelic Water or making mocktails while doing it? Not only is it better for you than alcohol or other unhealthy beverages that many of us use to destress, but it’s full of ingredients designed to help you relax and boost your energy.

Try Flotation Therapy

Also known as sensory deprivation, floatation therapy involves floating in a tank filled with body-temperature saltwater that gives you the feeling of weightlessness. The idea is that eliminating external sensory stimuli can allow you to relax, reduce your anxiety, and gain some mental clarity.

Take A Sound Bath

Some people call it a spiritual practice; others simply enjoy it because it's like an off-switch in your brain. A sound bath is an immersive meditation practice where you simply sit or lie still and listen to resonant sounds.

You can find a studio that offers these immersive experiences or do them at home. Get comfortable, crank up the tunes, and feel that wave of bliss wash over you.

Go Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is really about immersing yourself in nature to try and find calm and peace. It’s free, it’s something you can do relatively easily, and the effects on your well-being are plentiful.

Mindfully engaging with the surrounding natural environment can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.

Soak Up a Sunset or Sunrise

Do you ever actually watch the sun rise or set at home? It's a go-to activity on holiday, but we forget about it the minute we get back into our routine.

Make an effort to find a spot where you can see the sun come up or sink into the horizon and spend the time reflecting on the day you've had or the day to come.

Relax To The Max

Learning how to relax and unwind is an act of self-care, and it looks different for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

However, our favorite option and the one that’s most likely to work for the largest number of people is biohacking with Psychedelic Water. Not only is it a great step all on its own, but it’s also something you can actively do while trying out most of the other relaxation methods we’ve suggested!

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